About BB Soul

Who are we?

BB Soul is an Authentic Southern Soul Food food service business, founded by Kwame Boakye. While our business is new, the history behind our soulful meals will have you feeling like family from the first bite. Extinguish your hunger, ignite the soul, and join the BB Soul Family.

What is Soul Food? And why?

Soul Food is more than a meal. Soul food is a revolution, a reimagining of what it means to dine. To eat, not for obligation, but for enjoyment. To eat to become family. When our soul meets food, and that food meets your lips, the smile that results is all part of tradition. That can’t possibly happen with just a meal, but with an experience.

When? Where?

Come experience BB Soul and dine with us at the Downtown Lakeland Farmers Market every Saturday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. We will be making our market debut on Saturday September 3rd.

We would love to extinguish the hunger and ignite the taste buds of everyone at your next event with our Authentic Southern Soul Food . Whether it’s a party, festival, work lunch meeting, reunion, or wedding, our soulful meals will create an extraordinary experience for everyone involved. Contact us with details on your event for more information.White Background Logo